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Used Refrigerated Cases

used refrigerated cases

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used refrigerated cases - True TCGR-77

True TCGR-77 78" Curved Glass Refrigerated Bakery Display Case

True TCGR-77 78" Curved Glass Refrigerated Bakery Display Case

The 78" Curved Glass Refrigerated Bakery Display Case (TCGR-77) is a sleek and efficient addition to any bakery establishment. To make this case truly specified for bakery display, a low velocity, high volume airflow design is used which maintains a precise temperature to refrigerated baked good without drying them out. The True name means the highest quality materials are used to ensure your unit is easy to accommodate into any setting and virtually effortless to maintain. This durable machine is constructed with a white laminate vinyl exterior which brightens the room and facilitates a consistently clean machine. A stainless steel top means true longevity and a sanitary surface for presenting deli items. A curved tempered glass window showcases the interior contents and adds a contemporary edge to your setup. The glass is also double-paned for maximum insulation and tilts forward to promote easy cleaning. Features: Durable white laminated vinyl exterior with high impact plastic floor, Energy efficient, thermal glass rear doors provide maximum insulation, Insulated, double pane curved glass front has extra large viewing area, NSF approved white aluminum sides and top with coved corners, Positive seal on rear self-closing doors saves energy, Foamed in place, high-density, CFC free polyurethane insulation, Adjustable, PVC coated, heavy duty wire shelves support 150 lbs. each. Benefits: Stainless steel top provides support for equipment such as cash registers, Low UV emitting fluorescent lamps keep food from turning in case, Shelf positioned interior lighting safety shielded for longer, brighter illumination, Evaporator covered in epoxy to eliminate the potential of corrosion, Sealed evaporator fan motor with large fan ensures colder holding temperatures, Heavy duty frame rail dipped in rust inhibiting enamel paint to prevent corrosion. Additional Considerations: Depth does not include 3/4" for rear door handle.

83% (10)

Warmley & Siston Chronicles 1960 - 1969

Warmley & Siston Chronicles 1960 - 1969

Warmley & Siston - One Hundred years of history - Part 5 of 7 - 1960 - 1969


Bridgeyate Methodist Church, believed to be the oldest Methodist church in the Bristol area still holding regular services, celebrated its 150th anniversary in February this year.

The little grey stone building standing at the top of Bridgeyate Common behind an ancient chestnut tree often goes unnoticed by the speeding traveller these days but when the first foundation stones were laid the pace of life was very different.

In February 1960, the chapel was packed to capacity for the four weekend celebration meetings which proved to be a great success. The final anniversary service was performed by the Reverend David Catterson who came to Bridgeyate in 1958.

Long before the chapel was built, religious meetings were held in private houses. Local folk-law has it that the Rev. John Wesley may have preached nearby, on the common.

The original conveyance of 1810 decrees that 'The Chapel or Preaching House and Buildings... be peaceably used for the public worship of Almighty God, by the church and congregation that shall or may from time to time and at all times hereafter meet and assemble therein.'

The original trustees of the chapel, known as the Bridgeyate Ebenezer, were all local men, several gaining employment from the brassworks at Warmley Tower. Some of their names and the name of the original owner of the land are synonymous with Bridgeyate, thus Trubody, Peacock. Jarrett, Ashley, Wilmot, Parket and Johnson.


Warmley swimming pool which opened around 1910 was an inspirational project for the time but with the icy cold spring water and its open aspect, it was suitable for use only in the summer months. The pool could accommodate 400 people but it was only in the extreme heatwaves that anything over 100 or so bathers appreciated a cool dip.

Attempts were made to heat the waters in a boiler house but this proved ineffective and very expensive, the heat gong straight up into the atmosphere. Local schools would come to have swimming lessons and it is possible that many people from the district owe their lives to the instructions they received at Warmley Baths. If they were ever thrown into the seas m the Arctic regions it would be just like being back at Warmley Baths.

By the late 1950s, plans were afoot to build a splendid modern pool at Soundwell. This was funded equally by Kingswood and Mangotsfield Urban District Councils and cost 160,000 pounds It was opened on the 9th September 1961.

The poor little pool at Warmley could not compare to Soundwell and by the mid-60s was filled in, then later the site was built upon to provide additional facilities in the area.


On the 25th April 1961, clearance orders were sent to the residents of Nos. 178 to 220 Tower Road North as their homes were considered unsuitable for human habitation and would have to be demolished. These homes were better known in the area as Tower Rank. What was not realised at the time was that these buildings were probably the oldest industrial houses in the country.

It is recorded in 1761 that William Champion owned, as part of his estate, 25 tenements. The tithe map of 1841 shows 22 of these houses, thirteen in the Rank, three in Chapel Row and another group of six on the site of 'Tanners House' (No. 134). In 1712, before Champion came to Warmley, there were 98 dwellings in the whole of Siston Parish with a population of 450. Of the 98 dwellings the hamlet of Warmley contained only eleven.

When Champion moved to Warmley he needed to entice key industrial workers to come with him. Part of the deal was that he would provide quality housing for them. Many of these craftsmen came from Germany and the Low Countries; Siston parish records report the deaths in the 1760s of Peter Crymmer and John Craft, both Dutchmen.

This early initiative shows Champion as the first industrialist in the country to provide paternal housing for his workforce. Paternal, in this sense, meaning to look after the workers from cradle to the grave.
It is also probably that there was a school or chapel and a shop provided in this industrial community.

The rank of thirteen houses backed on top of the lake and often suffered from flooding when the water breached the banks. Eighteen months after the council letter the residents began to leave and eventually all the residents were rehoused by the council.

Many of the families moved as a community to Earlstone Close, Park wall. The demolition crew moved in and expected to knock down these old buildings in a day or two but Champions masons and builders knew their craft all those years before. The work eventually took over three weeks.

What of the site of these unique homes today? It is an unoccupied car park!


John McAdam became world famous for his system of combining tar with suitable sized stones to produce a semipermanent road material. The first road to use this Tarmac was the road from Bristol to Londo

Medical Evacuation helicopter

Medical Evacuation helicopter

A patient is delivered by helicopter to Berlin's Accident Hospital: More seriously wounded patients might survive if they were put into a state of suspended animation before they got transported


Round-Trip Journeys to the Afterworld

By Jorg Blech

Researchers allow pigs and dogs to bleed to death, fill their bodies with cold saline solution, and then bring the dead animals back to life a few hours later. The ability to switch living beings off and then on again could revolutionize medicine -- especially treatment of bleeding victims or heart-attack patients.

First the heart begins to beat, and then the pig starts breathing. Finally, it stands up and looks curiously at the man in the lab coat standing outside its cage.

"This animal was dead for several hours," says Hasan Alam, 39, a surgeon at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital. "But we brought it back. And now it's here again."

The same magic forces seem to be at work in the animal research facility of the General Hospital of the City of Vienna. Pigs are suddenly opening their eyes after their hearts were stopped with electric shocks and they lay dead for half an hour. "The miracle," says Wilhelm Behringer, 39, a physician specializing in emergency medicine, "is that the animals return to life without neurological damage."

In the last few years, the two research groups have sent a hundred pigs on round-trip journeys into the afterworld, using variations on the same trick in each case. The physicians flood the animals' bodies with several liters of a saline solution that's been cooled to about two degrees C (36° F). This puts the animals into a mysterious state of suspended animation that prevents the cells of their lifeless bodies from dying off. None of the animals feel pain, because the experiments are done under full anesthesia.

Until now, we've left it to science fiction writers to describe what it might be like to take a break from life and then return at some point in the future. Only in science fiction can an astronaut sink into a Rip van Winkle-like sleep that lasts centuries, only to wake up -- wrinkle-free -- in some distant time or galaxy. And only in science fiction can people with incurable diseases have themselves placed into suspended animation until science catches up and discovers a cure.

Dozens of people have felt such a tremendous yearning for a second life that they spent a lot of money to have their bodies frozen in liquid nitrogen after death. Awaiting resurrection, their heads and bodies float in tanks in Arizona and California operated by companies that specialize in this practice.

The spectacular animal experiments performed in Boston and Vienna make these utopias seem not quite so bizarre. The researchers don't talk in terms of years, but they're convinced -- for the first time -- that sending humans into an hours-long deathly sleep will be possible.

"It may sound futuristic, but we now have the ability to deliberately bring the body to a standstill," explains Hasan Alam, who recently moved his laboratory from Maryland to Massachusetts so that he could take advantage of fresh research funding to move ahead with his project.

Alam hasn't even unpacked his moving boxes yet. Instead, he prefers to sit in his corner office, wearing a dark blue suit, interviewing the kinds of ambitious doctors and scientists he needs to work on his project.

"We are preparing initial clinical trials with human beings," explains Alam. He isn't the only one conducting this kind of research. In hospitals in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Houston, other doctors are pursuing similar plans to essentially switch off the human body and then switch it on again. The data from these experiments will then be included in a joint analysis.

The candidates Professor Alam envisions for these trips to death and back are people who are admitted to emergency rooms with the most serious of gunshot wounds or injuries from accidents. Although their wounds may be relatively easy to suture, "surgeons need time," says Alam. He says that 19 of such patients out of 20 bleed to death before emergency doctors can finish their work.

But, as Alam and his associates hope, deliberately placing the dying bodies into a state of suspended animation can provide precious time needed to bring the victims to the hospital and perform surgery.

This is the scenario they envision: Instead of following the usual procedure of pumping banked blood into a trauma patient, emergency physicians allow the patient to bleed to death within minutes while recapturing the patient's blood. At the same time, the patient is quickly filled up with a cold saline solution. Only when his wounds have been sutured is the patient revived by returning his own warm blood to his veins and arteries.

The Boston group plans to try this procedure in human subjects within the next 12 t

used refrigerated cases

used refrigerated cases

True White Dual Zone Refrigerated/Dry Bakery Case, 30.4 Cubic Ft - TCGDZ-59

True white dual zone refrigerated/dry bakery case, 30.4 cubic ft true combines efficient, high volume merchandising with the elegance of this combination dry/refrigerated bakery display case. the insulated, double pane curved glass front and sides maximizes your ability to display a variety of desserts and pastries. the low velocity, high volume air flow design maintains temperatures between 38°f and 40°f that will keep bakery products fresh. the two self-closing rear doors are made from "low-e" double pane thermal glass. the front glass tilts forward for easy cleaning. the exterior front and sides are white laminate with five other colors available at no additional charge. width: 59-7/8" depth: 35-1/2" height: 47-7/8" amps: 14.0 1/3 hp weight: 665 lbs 27 cubic feet nema config: 5-20p color: white stainless steel and laminate nsf-7 certified zero ozone depletion (odp), zero global warming potential (gwp) cfc free 134a refrigerant cabinet holds temperatures between 38°f and 40°f 2 double pane thermal glass rear doors 6 pvc coated adjustable shelves low uv fluorescent lighting unit is pre-wired for 115/60/1 phase 20 amp outlet 5 year compressor warranty made in the usa model #: tcgdz-59 152160

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